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Hello! I'm Christine (she/her). Mom of two, born and raised in Queens, NY (currently in Jackson Heights) I became interested in birthwork after my two transformative homebirths. I’m certified in: birth, lactation and childbirth ed. I exclusively take on birth clients in partnership with my fabulous partner Jaime Lewis who is also a doula, lactation counselor and is an assistant to a homebirth midwife!

My philosophy is that for the overwhelming number of people who are low risk: birth is a physiologic rather than pathologic process. As a doula, I aim to make my clients feel safe and supported whether that be through sharing evidence based information to help you make decisions, massaging your feet and squeezing your hips throughout your labor, using humor to get through tough moments or helping you and your partner to speak up if you aren't being heard. 

I also love helping people switch doctors, midwives or hospitals if they aren't happy with the support and care they are receiving.  I may not be the doula for you if you don't recognize Beyonce as the Queen of everything-kidding! kinda!  

Outside of my birth doula practice, I privately offer lactation prep classes, childbirth education classes and I take on a limited number of postpartum doula clients in my own neighborhood of Jackson Heights/East Elmhurst. Click on over to "services" to see what my packages entail! 

My Training:

  • Certified Birth Doula, Carriage House Birth

  • Full Spectrum Doula, Birthing Advocacy 

  • Certified Breastfeeding Counselor, Empire Lactation

  • Certified Childbirth Educator, Birthing Advocacy 

  • Certified Virtual Doula, Ancient Song Doula Services 

  • Supporting Queer/Trans Families in the Perinatal Period, Woven Bodies

  • Comforting Touch for Doulas, Yiska Obodia 

  • Homebirth Basics for Doulas, Carriage House Birth

  • Supporting Families who Experience Loss, Carriage House Birth 


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