"She was a strong voice when Zach and I had difficulty using ours and helped us make more informed decisions throughout the birthing process. She helped me feel empowered throughout Julia’s birth and supported me in every single one of my decisions - I had such a positive birth experience this time around and I’m so grateful she helped create that for me."

"During labor she was very helpful in knowing what techniques helped ease the contractions. Having her calm and positive energy just helped the labor experience. tremendously. After labor she kept in touch with me and visited me as well. It was really nice having her visit and go over the birth experience as well as any questions I had."

Tatiana Alicea

Cesia Falcon

"Her presence, warmth and professionalism made the biggest and most critical difference to our child birth experience. Through this whole experience, when we look back, we realize that having Christine by our side changed everything for us, it was a true game-changer in every way. She made the entire process much more smooth, positive, meaningful and natural. If she had not been there with us, Tsering would most likely not have had the birth that we preferred."

Tsering Choden

"She asked the questions that I was too exhausted or overwhelmed to ask, supported the choices I made for myself and my baby, and looked out for our family with so much love and support, that I will be forever grateful. Christine's presence, especially during the long hours in the recovery room, made all the difference between a difficult birth, and a traumatic one. She remembered that the most traumatic part of my first birth was not being able to hold my baby for the first six hours of her life. This time, with gentle insistence, she made certain that Luca was brought to me. She was our voices when we weren't able to use our own.

Julia Sorrentino

She is so caring, supportive, and thoughtful and will help you achieve the birth YOU want! She was amazing throughout my pregnancy, always available for questions and helping with my concerns. She was a calming voice in the birthing room, and an advocate for me when things got hard. Postpartum she has continued to be a support person as questions have arisen.

Kate Ashton

She was always available and willing to help me find answers to my questions. Christine was so amazing during my almost 48hr labor progress. Setting the ambiance, taking pictures and notes, refocusing me and reminding me of my goal, making sure my partner ate and napped, held my emesis bin... the list could go on. Her presence provided me with a sense of calm and reassurance, she kept me positive and validated my feelings. My partner didn’t know why we would need a doula, but afterwards admitted that having Christine was the best decision we had made!

Paola Giraldo